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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to apply Paint Protection Film to my vehicle?

It all depends on the level of vehicle coverage you’re looking to apply, as well as the size and type of vehicle. It could take between one to two days.

Do I need to wash the vehicle before installation?

While it is always good to drop off a clean vehicle, our team will always do a thorough cleaning so that the application surfaces are impeccable.

After installation, how long should I wait before washing my car?

We recommend waiting up to 72 hours before washing the vehicle with a pressure washer. The film needs a couple of days to become well-adhered to the surface of your vehicle.

Can protection film be applied to a preowned vehicle?

Absolutely! Our team will prepare the vehicle for film application to make sure application is done effectively.

How effective is the paint protection film?

The goal of the film is to prevent environmental damage, paint abrasions and scratches, and absorb small impacts. We live in Saskatchewan, and unfortunately gravel & small rocks are a part of our daily commute. A protection film is key to preventing paint damages.